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White Hat Hacker Girl Coder Emoji for #WorldEmojiDay

Emojify #WorldEmojiDay Project for My Wife

In honor of #WorldEmojiDay, I used Google’s nifty Made with Code project, called Emojify to create this emoji. I believe it represents my awesome coder wife well. She’s so good at coding (in SQL, SAS, and other high-powered languages) that she could be a hacker if she wanted to be.

Brilliant Wife Super Coder

Of course, having the high moral and ethical values she has, she’d be a white hat hacker – thus the halo. But, a hacker nonetheless – thus the wink and smirk.

Made with Code

If you have any interest in understanding what coding is like, you owe it to yourself to play around with Google’s Made with Code. It makes learning coding very easy and fun. With Emojify, I “…learned how to change the position of an object on a work space by changing its x and y values. Increasing the x value made the object move to the right, and increasing the y value made the object move down.”

Its interface allows you to simply click, drag, and drop the various parts of your “code” together in a visual format. It was such a fun way to learn!

Further Information

If you want to learn more about World Emoji Day, click here. If you want to learn more about Google’s use of the holiday to promote their creation of several new emojis which increase gender diversity awareness of professions represented by them, click here. And, of course, if you want to learn more about my brilliant wife, click here.