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Screenshot showing WampServer installed on Bob's computer.


Using¬†Morten Rand-Hendriksen‘s tutorial on,¬† entitled “Installing and Running WordPress: WAMP“, I got WAMPServer installed on my laptop so I can perform live WordPress development without having to upload my work to my actual web server to see how it looks.

It wasn’t quite as simple as described in the tutorial, mainly – I think – because the tutorial was created based on an older version of WAMPServer, an older version of WordPress, and even an older version of Windows (I’m using Windows 10.). But, using some troubleshooting skills I learned in college (Googling the answer.), I figured out that the problem was caused by WAMPServer defaulting to using Port 80. It turns out that Windows 10’s “World Wide Web Publishing Service” defaults to using Port 80 as well and takes precedence over anything else. The solve was to disable the WWW Publishing Service.

I received a certificate of completion for finishing the course.